Digital Empowerment

Digital Empowerment aims to connect unreached and underserved communities of India in an effort to bring them out of digital darkness and empower them with information access through last mile connectivity, digital literacy and digital interventions.

This empowering approach views people as subjects and actors who have abilities to develop, not as objects who lack these abilities and need one-way help from authorities. Empowerment of individuals and communities means increased control over life and coping skills. With information technology people gain new abilities and ways to participate and express themselves in a networked society. This can be called digital empowerment, which is not a direct consequence of having and using the technical facilities, but a multi-phased process to gain better networking, communication and cooperation opportunities, and to increase the competence of individuals and communities to act as influential participants in the information society.

Web development:

We are pioneers in customized Business website design services that cater to various businesses and organizational sectors. E-commerce Web development and custom Web programming are our key services.

Mobility, Social:

The advance of smartphones and wide usage of the same has provided immense possibilities in improving the way you conduct business. You can improve the efficiency of your employees, reach out to your customers, and partners by using various customized mobile software. Creating and implementing mobile business processes with technologies such as cloud, analytics, and also location aware tools has the potential to positively change the working of a particular company.


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